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Meet our new sonic crawler rig!


Our fleet is expanding! Sonic Drilling Ltd. is delighted to announce the upcoming arrival of its latest addition – a track-mounted SDC-450 sonic drill. This new sonic crawler rig offers a powerful option for difficult-to-access projects, getting into areas that truck-mounted rigs find impossible. With its ability to turn on a dime and in a circle (much like a tank), the new rig will prove especially useful for environmental investigations and geothermal installations.


The SDC-450 is physically smaller than the SDC-550 (by approximately 15%) but offers the same capacity and power (it uses the same engine and drill head but in a much more compact configuration). There is also a 15% weight reduction from the large SDC-550 rig.


Our new rig also includes an expandable pipe rack to carry enough rods to drill deep enough for most geothermal holes as well as pipe handling equipment which includes a side shifting drill head. A separate console allows the driller's helper to load up the next drill rod while the driller is drilling the hole. As well, the SDC-450 has a winch to handle knock-out style drill bits for geothermal drilling. A sonic crawler rig may be just what your project requires to get the job done!


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Bookings for the new crawler rig are being accepted now. For more information, please contact Bill Fitzgerald, general manager, at 604-588-6081 or email


Sonic Drilling Ltd. president accepts innovation award.


Sonic Drilling Ltd. and the Sonic Drill Corporation have won a 2010 Manning Innovation Award and a $10,000 prize. The award recognizes Ray Roussy’s lifetime achievement in refining his patented sonic drill head and its worldwide acceptance in the commercial market.


Roussy received his award in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa on September 17, 2010, in front of an audience of Canadian innovators, elected officials, educators and business leaders at a gala hosted by Senator Pamela Wallin, OC, Preston Manning, CC, and Bernard Lord.


“Unlike a traditional drill rig, the sonic drill uses high-frequency mechanical vibrations to easily cut through earth formations and bedrock,” the Manning Foundation said in a recent Globe and Mail article. “Not only is the sonic drill at least three to five times faster, it can also bore through tough terrain that typically stops other rigs. As a result, it is often used as a ‘rescue rig’ where traditional rigs have failed.”



Click here for Globe and Mail coverage.
Click here to view a recent video about sonic drilling.


Sonic Drilling Ltd. president accepts third technology award.


The National Ground Water Association (NGWA), a nonprofit organization composed of U.S. and international groundwater professionals, recently announced that Ray Roussy, PE, president of the Sonic Drill Corporation and Sonic Drilling Ltd., has won its 2012 Technology Award.

This award recognizes an individual’s major contributions to the groundwater industry in the development of ideas, tools, and/or equipment and was presented in December 2012 at the NGWA Groundwater Expo in Las Vegas.

The award is the third in as many years for Roussy’s remarkable patented sonic drilling technology. In 2008, Roussy was recognized by the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition, supported by Natural Resources Canada (a federal government ministry), with its prestigious award for “best new drilling technology” and a $10,000 prize. Then, in 2010, Roussy accepted a coveted Manning Innovation Award and a $10,000 prize for his development of modern sonic drilling technology.
“I’m delighted to win this third award from such a respected organization as the NGWA,” says Roussy. “After spending more than 30 years on sonic drilling technology, I can’t express how much I appreciate seeing the technology being recognized by my peers for what it can do.”


Click here to view a video of Ray Roussy being interviewed on the use of sonic drilling in residential geothermal projects.




Sonic drilling technology nominated for fourth award.


August, 2014 — The Northern Ontario Institute of Technology (NOIT) has nominated Ray Roussy, developer of modern day sonic drilling technology and the president of the Sonic Drill Corporation (SDC) and Sonic Drilling Ltd., for an Ontario Premier's award. Roussy is an alumni of NOIT where he was first introduced to mechanical engineering before continuing onto Lakehead University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree in 1974.


Today, 40 years later, Roussy holds dozens of patents involving sonic drilling technology and is solely responsible for the successful commercialization of it when others failed to make it work. If Roussy wins the Ontario Premier's award, it will be the fourth award since 2008 for his technology.

Previous awards include:

2012 – Technology Award from the National Ground Water Association (USA)

2010 – Manning Innovation Award (Canada)

2008 – Best New Drilling Technology award from the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (Canada)


Today, award-winning sonic drill rigs, patented and built by the Sonic Drill Corporation, are in use on six continents and in every application imaginable. Due to its non-intrusive abilities, sonic drilling technology has often been used (and specifically requested in government contracts) for sensitive projects such as dam remediation, nuclear site investigations and hazardous waste site reclamation.


Because vibrations from the drill bit are not transmitted very far beyond the drill, penetrations can occur into very sensitive areas such as critical eco-systems, unstable terrain or vulnerable situations where traditional drilling would cause more harm or be impossible to complete. Initially, sonic drilling technology was seen as a powerful environmental investigation drill due to its ability to provide undisturbed core samples but, now, the technology has broadened in use to excel at geothermal installations, piling and mineral exploration.





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