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Welcome to our press room!  Please click on a link below to view our recent releases.  These media releases apply to
both Sonic Drilling Ltd. and Sonic Drill Corporation, manufacturer of our drilling rigs. 

The press releases require Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free.



2005 Press Releases
May 09, 2005
Langley Civic Building Opts For Green Heat

May 16, 2005
Sonic Drilling Technology Coming to the UK

2007/2008 Press Releases

January 30, 2007
New Baby Sonic Rig Born Into World of Mini Rigs

August 20, 2008
Sonic Drill Corporation Wins Prestigious Award

November 06, 2008
Mini-Sonic Sold to Mining Company in Chile

July 19, 2008
New Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturing Plant Opens
2009/2010 Press Releases

December 29, 2009
Testing Begins On Sonic Water Recycling System

January 25 , 2010
Sonic Launches New Geothermal Website

September 08, 2010
Sonic Drill Wins Second Innovation Award

October 06, 2010
New Sonic Rig Fits in 20' Shipping Container

2011/2012 Press Releases

August 22 , 2011
Numbers Add Up with Sonic Drilling

March 29 , 2012
Hands-Free Rod Handling System for Sonic Drills

April 28 , 2012
Most Sonic Rigs Purchased for Mineral Exploration

May 29 , 2012
Sonic Drilling Ideal for Sensitive Projects

October 20 , 2012
Sonic Wins Third Technology Award


2013 Press Releases

February 2013
Under $500,000 Sonic Rig Released

May 2013
Ancient Fern Found In Core Sample

June 2013
Sonic Drilling Down Under

August 2013
Sonic Celebrates 100th Drill

September 2013
Geomechanics Adds Sonic Drill Rig to Fleet



2014 Press Releases

August 2014
Sonic Drilling Nominated for Fourth Award

November 2014
Sonic Drilling Pioneer to be Inducted into International Mining Hall of Famel

2015 Press Releases

March 2015
Sonic Drilling Technology Pioneer Accepts Fourth Award

June 2015
Sonic Drilling Technology Safer